Bertha Dickson Nakamarra
Born in Yuendumu in the 1950s, Bertha Nakamarra Dickson later lived in the Hidden Valley town camp of Alice Springs. When she was living at Yuendumu, her aunt, Ruby Napurrurla, taught her painting. Bertha's country was situated near Mission Creek and she painted Warna (Snake) and Yawakyi (Bloodberry) Dreamings, which belong to the Jupurrurla/Napurrurla and Jakamarra/Nakamarra skin groups. Together with her husband, Andrew Japaljarri Spencer , Bertha worked for HALT (Healthy Aboriginal Lifestyle Team) in 1989/90. HALT's aims were to educate Aboriginal people about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, diseases related to unhealthy nutrition, lack of hygiene etc. During that time, they produced a series of paintings in the traditional Western Desert style but dealing with these contemporary issues. Bertha had close connections with the Warlpiri communities of Yuendumu, Lajamanu and Willowra. Monica Nakamarra Doolan was her sister.

Bertha Nakamarra Dickson passed away in Alice Springs on 31st May 2010.
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