Biddee Baadjo

1 AM 4307/06
Biddee Baadjo Jawirrpa 2003
Acrylic on linen
760 x 990mm

Jawirrpa is the name of the main Waterhole in the Artist’s country of birth. When she was a baby she was taken by an eagle, but her mother ran after the eagle and it dropped Biddee.

Jawirrpa – artists home/birth country. Jawirripa – Womens camp. Waterholes all around big one. All the women with Coolamon, they carry their baby. Biddee caught by an eagle in the Spinifex. Father hunting. Biddee was a baby grabbed by an eagle, grabbed by the hair. Mother ran after, eagle dropped Biddee in the Spinifex country – Mother found her crying. Living water waterhole and rock hole (jumu). Old man in the Dreamtime, he dig them. Luurnki - witchetty grub all around.

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