Angilyiya Mitchell
Angilya was born near to Blackstone Ranges in Emu Country near Kunmarnarra Bore. There are important men's dreamings in this country which is a traditional law area.

She is a strong Law woman with wonderful bush skills, holding a wealth of traditional knowledge and capacity to live on this land.

In 2008 Angilya was appointed the caretaker for an important woman's dreaming, linked to the Seven Sisters story in country a little south of Blackstone.

Angilya is also known for her fibre art and was one of the weavers involved in the Award winning Toyota at Telstra in 2005.
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1 AM 6079/08

2 AM 6114/08

3 AM 6115/08

4 AM 6446/09

5 AM 6447/09

6 AM 6448/09

7 AM 7944/11

8 AM 10019/13

9 AM 10020/13

10 AM 10021/13

11 AM 12786/16