Muin-nguz tarrpan - Weaving my spirit back

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9 DN560/AP
Dennis Nona Tupmul au Kwod (Stingray) A/P 2018
Zinc plate etching and linoleum multiblock print on rag paper
800mm x 550mm image, 1200mm x 800mm paper, 920 x 1330mm frame
Unframed $1155 Framed $1745

Red dot indicates edition sold

The meaning of Tupmul au Kwod is sacred area for man at Stingray totem place for gathering. This image depicts the law of Badu Island that comes through its great totem - known as Tupmul au saab. This law and discussion can only be discussed inside the Badu Island traditional sacred place for gathering known as Tupmul au Kwod, which is equivalent to the Western Parliament House.

Edition of 15 Intaglio pulled, a la poupee zinc plates and relief 39 x 4cm diameter - 7cm diameter individual etching plates & 1 x 46cm diameter linoleum block

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