Muin-nguz tarrpan - Weaving my spirit back

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6 DN556/AP
Dennis Nona Zagau-Ieal-sak (Bird comb) A/P 2018
Etching on Hahnemuehle weiss
300g paper, coloured 350 x 840mm plate, 800 x 1210mm paper, 1330 x 920mm frame
Unframed $800 Framed $1390

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Zagau-Ieal-sak means sea herrings engraved into hair combs. Island hair combs have inspired me when I first saw my fathers cousin Grandpa Mr Meingui Namoa, who carved combs and when my dad's hair grew longer, I sometimes accompanied him for his hair cut. While my Namoa cut my dad's hair they used to tell so many stories about ocean life. One of the stories they talked about is where there is many fish and the seabirds are feasting on ocean sardines, and that's where all the travel lies and mackerel can be hunted, or a good catch made by trawling. This comb depicts the stories of seabirds feasting on sardines.

Edition of 15 Printed by Dr David Jones in Brisbane in November 2018 from a copper plate etching. Intaglio pulled, a la poupee. GC&I & Charbonell inks.

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