Muin-nguz tarrpan - Weaving my spirit back

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4 DN554/AP
Dennis Nona Mytha urr Gigid Parlan (Woman breaking the law) A/P 2018
Linocut print on Hahnemuehle weiss
350gsm paper, hand coloured 2000 x 1000mm image, 2370 x 1240mm paper, 2440 x 1260mm frame

Mytha urr Gigid Parlan means "A pregnant lady has broken the Island customary Law". In Badu Island customary law, when a women is pregnant, she has a duty in life where she is not allowed to appear at a hunting where the man are applying a toxic root in small river estuaries to intoxicate fish. This image depicts a woman appearing when the man hunts fish by intoxicating the fish. We believe that as she is pregnant, she will spoil the hunting and all the fish will be less toxicated and the hunt will be called off by the man.

Edition of 15 Printed by Dr David Jones in Brisbane November 2018 from blue vinyl using Daihan Reflex Blue & GC&I Black Relief ink. Artist has added a moon by hand and hand coloured some elements within the print with pigment and water while blue area is an acrylic paint wash.

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