Muin-nguz tarrpan - Weaving my spirit back

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1 DN559/1
Dennis Nona Dhangalau Udar (Paddle) #1/4 2018
Cast bronze with inlaid pearl shell
1780mm L x 240mm W

Red dot indicates edition sold

Dhangalau udar means dugong paddle. Paddles have inspired me as they represent the journeys and voyages of ocean travel, and also that we, in the Torres Strait Islands, have used them in the past and still use them now in the present. This particular paddle depicts a paddle that has been used for dugong hunting. The mask represents an unhappy spirit face of a dugong clansman when dugongs are overhunted to kill, for gaming, competitions and noncultural reasons. Edition of 4 Cast by Urban Art Projects, Brisbane, November 2018

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