Sorry Day - 10th Anniversary

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1 AM 12097/16
Zita Pengarte Wallace Butterfly Dreaming 2015
Acrylic on linen
450 x 640mm

Our ancestors, over the centuries, watched our world around us. They created songs, dances, dreaming, sacred sites, law and culture for us to follow and guide our lives. They watched the world around us, watched the behaviour of animals, insects, plant life and took pleasure in the everyday happenings around them. The butterfly for instance. It's wondrous. It begins its life as an egg, hatches into a caterpillar, eats ravenously then becomes a pupas at the end of which emerges as a beautiful butterfly, resplendent in tis majesty. Our people watched the butterfly dancing always dancing from flower to flower watching with wonder and much joy. The butterflies emerged only for a short time before their short cycle of life begins again. At the end of life the butterfly becomes a 'Spirit being' emerging into the world of spirits becoming part of our dreamtime. The cycle goes on. Zita Wallace, December 2015

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