Rusty Peters

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1 AM 15728/18
Rusty Peters Barregalanginy 2011
Natural ochre & pigments on canvas
1000 x 800mm

'This place they call im Barregalanginy - Bilimack downstream. Jawalyi. Plants down there. You can see that creek, bamboo,flowing down from Ord river. That river coming down, Bilimack, there's that rock, going down la Ord River, you can see. There junction down there la Bilimack, flat rock there, that one there, Dreamtime. Jawalji that country. That place all Darrajayin, big hills. I grow up here, hunting.' This is the country that Rusty spent his youth on. Bilimack spring is 'living water' a permanent waterhole where there is a Gurlabal (Dreamtime snake) and one must get welcomed by the traditional owners so as to not upset the Gurlabal. The dark red section of the painting is the river leading to the spring. It is a tributary of the Ord River. Surrounding this place are the Darrajayin hills.

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