Ruby Williamson

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1 AM 848/03A
Ruby Williamson Kapi Warku - Shallow Water In Rock 13/01/ 2003
Acrylic on Galacia linen
1220 x 1520mm

Ruby Williamson was a senior law woman living in the Amata community on the Pitjantjatjarra lands. Ruby's skills were based in fostering law and culture, story-telling, hunting, punu - wooden carving, dancing and painting. Ruby painted at the arts centre since 2000. In this painting Ruby has given different treatments to the areas to show the variations in the landscape. The circles represent permanent or semi-permanent water-holes. Since its inception in 1997 Minymaku Arts has concentrated on developing traditional symbols/ideas, and creating contemporary abstract imagery. As a producer of fine arts our artists have enthusiastically embraced new techniques and mediums to create charcoal drawings, paintings as well as solar plate and dry-point etchings. The art centre is well represented in both public and private collections within Australia and internationally, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Museum of Victoria and the South Australian Museum. The art centre was later renamed Tjala Arts.

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