Roy Hunter Wiggan

14 AM 802/03
Roy Hunter Wiggan Ilma - Nawanada (After the Storm) 2003
Acrylic on plywood, wool and wool fibre
350 x 630mm

This ilma follows on from the story of the Smoke Signal ilma. Roy's father Henry Wiggan had been swept to sea on his raft by a savage storm. The storm had passed and the place was cleared. He realised that he was nowhere where he should have been. He didn't know where he was - how far he was or what direction he was from the land. He was brought back in the same direction by the tide at night when he saw the light flashing and he still didn't know what direction the light was. He got to the sandbar a couple of miles from Cape Leveque. The ilma represents the feeling that you get after the storm has passed when you get the drizzle and little soft wind and a little lightning and thunder - not heavy. It makes you long for home.

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