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74 DN148/AP
Dennis Nona Celalal Yana AP/45 2009
490 x 400mm, 940 x 730mm frame
WAS $1815 NOW $1300

Celalal Yana is a basket woven by women that was used to gather small shellfish as well as bush fruit and berries such as Birri Birri and Ubarr. The bush fruit and berries were picked during Koki or the time of the North Westerly winds that followed the Solal or turtle mating season. The shellfish collected were small pippies and another species called Budi that were found on the rocks on the shore line. The image inside the basket depicts a man collecting these small shellfish. The shapes outside the basket are the pippies. The artist has created the image of the basket by embossing the actual woven fibre used in making the baskets in to the soft ground on an etching plate. The plate has then been etched and cut to the shape of the basket. The pippies have been printed from separate plates. The image of the rope handle or Urru has been created in the same way.

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