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72 DN512/2
Dennis Nona Ubarau Tai #2/15 2017
Linocut print, hand painted with acrylic paint
400 x 760mm, 515 x 880mm Framed
WAS $1390 NOW $950

This image depicts one of our native fruit tree we call it Ubburr. The picture shows two figures gathering the ubar fruit. The figures represents our ancestors known as madubal. Madubal are effigies which were used for different purposes, such as protection from thieves. On this particular image, the figures are celebrating the season of this ubbarr fruit. The top of the image shows the unripe ubbarr fruit in orange/red and the bottom image shows the ripe fruit in purple/brown. The ripe ubbar fruit that has been harvested is in the basket (abatuli). This season for harvesting is towards the end of August and September.

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