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19 AM 15041/18
Bill Harney Grasshopper Songline 2018
Natural ochres on linen
870 x 1200mm
WAS $4500 NOW $3200

Two old men and old lady in the middle. Warlajabbi in the middle - one carrying fire stick in her mouth. Right hand, he's got little Tomayu - makes whirly wind. When they travel there's a cool breeze and later on there's the big song line. They travel, three of them, naming all the sites. On the left hand side, Darba, dancing grasshopper - he dance all the way when they create the big song line naming all the country. Dance, creating all the little creeks and made a lot of springs and having a ceremony and taught many grasshopper people the song. They got up to the next door neighbour property and they stopped. Language called Larglun.

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