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7 AM 9197/12
Laurie Nona Warup (Drum) 2012
Cast bronze
240H x 100W x 100Lmm

This is one of the very first artworks cast in the foundry established at the Badu Island Art Centre late in 2012 by David Hamilton (University of Tasmania, Fine Arts, Launceston). It is a one off casting (no editioning). The Torres Strait Islands has its own traditional drum which is called the "Warup".

The Warup is carved and hollowed from driftwood or a log from the warup tree, traditionally a very time consuming process.

Goanna skin is stretched over the drum and held in place with a split bamboo holding ring sealed with beeswax. Warups were decorated with traditional marking and tufts of feathers of local birds and some are built to represent totems such as shark, crocodile and many more. Warups are used for celebrations, island dancing and singing. An experienced player can tune the Warup a bit like tuning a guitar. This is done by heating the goanna skin and adjusting the beeswax then hitting it to hear if it sounds right.

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