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26 SDAT 039/06
Alick Tipoti Waru Thurul 6/10, framed 2008
Laser cut skatedeck
800H x 200W x 25mm D (each), Frame 595 x 995mm

Waru Thurul means turtle tracks. After the Solal season (mating turtle), many turtles are seen crawling up beaches of the small islands throughout Zenadh Kes. In this print I have depicted the many threats to the life cycle of the green back turtle throughout Zenadh-Kes. Humans and wild pigs, and goanna lizards dig up the turtle nests to feed on the eggs. Fish and birds prey on the young hatchlings, struggling to survive on the beach and in the sea. The laser cut image on the Skateboard is a reproduction of the artist's original linocut.

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