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2 AM 3113/05
Dorothy Napangardi Robinson Salt on Mina Mina 2005
Kiln glass
370 w x 360 h x 100mm d

Dorothy has painted her highly recognisable Salt on Mina Mina theme which has then been digitally transferred onto a glass slab. Bonegilla Glass then transformed it into the shape of a clay pan and finished the piece. This is Dorothy's first series of studio art glass with 12 in this edition. The artists' proof is in the National Art Glass Collection at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW. The glass sculpture reflects Dorothy's strong cultural and ancestral ties to the land. With a focus on the Women's Dreaming, these works follow the long journeys of Women Ancestors from Mina Mina, a significant site in a remote area of the Northern Territory west of Yuendumu. Carrying their digging sticks, the women walk and dance, visiting many significant sites, staying in some places to rest, going underground and later re-emerging.

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