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1 AM 804/03
Roy Hunter Wiggan Ilma - Yolla - 's Fishing Patch, Framed 2003
Acrylic on plywood, wool and wool fibre
250 x 960mm, 1100 x 390mm frame

Yolla is the Wiggan family's fishing place. If anybody else goes there they can't get fish. From a long time ago until now there must be at least one Wiggan in the group to get fish. You aren't allowed to swim in the middle, you have to start splashing your spear or hands from one corner. The fish then go to the other end - we call it Nee-al - small land. It's in the island of Shenton Bluff. The fish then run straight to the little pool that you can see at each end of the ilma. It's all the colour of the fish that you can see in this piece.

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