Mick England

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2 AM 14473/17
Mick England Jin-gubardabiya (Pandanus Mat Spirit) 2016
Acrylic on Bark
480 x 300mm

An-nguliny country is flodded every year during the wet season. After the long dry period, water flows in the creeks after the first rain. The first rush of floodwaters is called jorlok - it is dark brown and frothy, and this dark water is associated with the Jowunga moiety. The second flood, which comes with the next rain runs clear, and is called murangga. This is Yirrichinga dreaming - as Mick says, 'that's me'. Mick has painted two paintings that show Jun-gubardabiya surrounded by and covered by the clear flowing floodwaters. There are six distant Jin-gubardabiya forms. At the top and bottom of this composition, Marrawa has placed cross-hatched segments that depict the clear running floodwaters in the creeks, running above and around Jin-bunardabiya. In plate 8, Marrawa has also painted Jun-gubardabiya with murangga in this instance the form of the furled mats is less distinct, emphasising their underwater location, obscured from sight by the swiftly running water.

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