Mick England

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13 AM 14952/18
Mick England Wangarra Spirit Being - In (Gun-Nartpa) 2017
Ochre on wood
1090 x 50 x 50mm

These are the devil-devil spirits, called Wangarra, that inhabit the An-nguliny clan waterhole called Wangarra Ajuwana. This is a dense patch of jungle with a network of creek that is adjoined by the two large billabongs called Boporlinymarr and Birduk Mu-yerrnyjiya. The paintings depicts five Wangarra figures and four rocks which lie inside the water at Wangarra A-juwana. Across the centre of the paintings is a band which represents a small creek that runs through Wangarra A-juwana. Two of the wangarra spirits share one arm: this represents the water running from the little creeks, flowing out in to all corners of the patch of jungle. On the edge of the water at Wangarra A-juwana stands a huge banyan tree. the Wangarra spirits live inside this tree. At times the tree opens up, and the Wangarra spirits come out and go down into the water where they lie inside the rocks. the spirits can lure and trap people inside the banyan tree, which is one reason why Wangarra A-juwana is a dangerous place for those who do not the the right authority to go there. When Banggala enters this place he calls out to his ancestors to identify himself as a rightful member of the An-nguliny clan, so the he and his companians are protected from the spirits that live there.

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