Lunar Legacy

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19 DN070A/AP
Dennis Nona Usul Kisai - Rain Moon I A/P, framed 2005
Etching on Hahnemuehle
350gsm 660x600mm paper, 760x755mm frame

This story is an important one for hunters, and refers to when the full moon clouds over. As the moon is shrouded over making it blurry islanders refer to it as a 'milky' moon, and this is read as a symbol that rain is on its way. As a Rain Moon, or Usul Kisai, becomes apparent, villagers get busy preparing rain shelters and hunters know to come in off the reef closer into the islands. Some sleep in the outer, smaller islands when on the hunt, but when Usul Kisai happens they know to prepare for it. Small frogs, known as 'Katubae' are also a symbol of rain, and appear in several rain works by the artist. When the moon is milky these frogs make a croaking noise and it confirms the coming rain. There is an expression, "ari ka" which means "for the rain" and it's said when Usul Kisai comes out. This is a proof of an edition that was never printed. As such it is unique and eminently collectable.

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