Lunar Legacy

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17 DN562/AP
Dennis Nona Hinjo - Moon 2019
Copper plate etching on paper
3400 x 1500mm

In the kupuna time (traditional times) there lived two brothers and their names were Derua and Porua. Their home was a very big tree and they lived at the very top of the tree. Whilst living there they committed a mortal crime, thus making the people so angry and they decided to chop down the tree. Whilst they found this out they saw a cockatoo. It secretly climbed from the other end and met them. They asked the cockatoo to assist them. The spirit of the cockatoo was connected to the moon and the spirit took them to the moon. When they were on the moon the people started cutting the tree and the people were frustrated. The two brothers started shouting from the moon. The people wanted to go to the moon. The people had ceremony on the ground dancing and chanting. They wanted to reach the moon.

Artist: Dennis Nona Printers: David Jones & Callan Jones Completion Date: 18/03/2018 Medium: Copper plate etching and aquatint on rag paper Technique: Intaglio pulled, a la poupee Plate Size: Multiple blocks Paper Size: 3.4m x 1.5m approx. Paper Type: Somerset Satin, 300gsm Edition: 10 plus Artist's proof Ink Type: Graphic Chemicals & Ink Co. & Charbonell

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