Lunar Legacy

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16 AM 16509/19
Cameron Ross Kemarre Once in a Blue Fairy Wren Moon 2019
Acrylic on linen
760 x 430mm image, 790 x 455mm frame

Once in a Blue Fairy Wren Moon, in Aranda Country. Absolutely in line, perfectly straight, both the same size, height just above the Earth, leaving just a gap to see underneath, the moon, and the sun, for the first and only time ever in this lifetime. (I believe in past lives, too many times). I saw early in the morning, in bush, west of Alice Springs (Yipirinya) towards Hermansburg (Ntaria), in the mustering camp, middle of July 1983 freezing weather, below zero, not being able to sleep at all, making fires all night long, right beside my swag, but still freezing. Lying in my swag, not wanting to get up & out to stoke my fires, I opened my eyes to see the most amazing moon ever. It was so big, bigger than ever before, and it looked as though it was about to roll towards us and we'd all be squashed & killed. It was so real, and scary, I was 16 years old and my imagination wnt wild. After watching in awe, and trying to wake my friend Steven, I rolled over. To my amazement, the sun was on the rise in exactly the position and as large, and yes, as if it was also going to roll on us. I kept turning from side to side, looking in total ectasy, joy, even got goose bumps. My friend Steven wouldn't wake, because of the cold. I told him, he's missing out on the event of a lifetime. He just dozed off. He missed out on a great event. I was so blessed to see at such an hour. If I was not in the bush there & then, I would not have seen. Truly, try & imagine this scene. Cameron Ross Pungarte (signed)

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