Jack Dale

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34 AM 16554/19
Jack Dale Bush - The Plum Tree
Natural ochres & pigments on canvas
600 x 670mm

Bush - The plum tree that saved my life long time ago. Signed Jack Dale verso (at top left - under stretcher bar)

I looked down from this hill and saw the men walking along the road with neck chains. We hid in the long grass. I was with my father and we cooked a kangaroo when the last packhorse was a long way away. I had eaten so much kangaroo because I was frightened, there was just bone left. My father came back from the next hill and said "Hey! Where's the meat?" but it was just bones left. He gave me a proper belting and did not talk to me for a long time, poor bugger. He went away for a long time and left me alone. I stayed alive eating fruit from this bush plum tree. Jack Dale.

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