Jack Dale

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25 AM 16456/19
Jack Dale Heavy Rains 2008
Ochres on canvas
2030 x 1330mm

This painting features on page 78 in the Jack Dale Mengenen monograph.

"Heavy rain - this is a good time to go hunting kangaroo. It's too cold and he can't hear us coming. Wandjina created this wet season in the Kimberley; everything is from water. Wungud places where our babies are dreamt from. When we go hunting, we put the little ones in shallow water; they are cool and safe. The Wandjina sees their reflection and will look after them. Our children were born from Wandjina and their names are created at Wungud places. People ask us, "What Wungud place and you from?". Then we know where they come from." - JDM

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