Jack Dale

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10 AM 9697/13
Jack Dale Mungudagi Ji - Boss Wandjina 2004
Ochres on canvas
1180 x 1785mm

Mount House, Leopold Ranges, rainbow

Wandjinas from Iondra in the Komaduwah Clan Estate

Wandjinas are the most powerful spirit ancestors in the Northern Kimberley. They are the life-force; all children are born from Wungud which was created by Wandjina.

"These Wandjinas are painted in rock shelters at Iondra in the Komaduwah Clan estate. They are our evidence in this land and for my land title. They are proof of ownership to my land. I foot walked this country plenty of times. This is a proper dreaming place. "Guidia" white man got bible stories - we have our Wandjina. These Wandjinas are looking from their rock shelters with arms behind their backs". Jack Dale, Derby WA 2001

Djingunyu was a great Wandjina in the Narrungunni or Dreamtime. He made a Law that each Dumban or Clan Estate group should be happy living in the land made by their own Wandjina and spirits. When the people from another Dumban came to take over the land that Djingunyu had made, he gave them a trick and killed them all. Djingunju was a good Boss Wandjina. He took their bodies back to their proper country and made them alive again.

I was wild growing up in the bush. I worked as a jackaroo at Mount House Station and walked everywhere. That's why I know every Wandjina. My grandfather showed me, you can only paint your Wandjina, nobody else's. My wife might tell me about other Wandjinas so I can get permission to paint.

Jack Dale, Derby WA 2004

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