George Tjungurrayi
George was born 'in the bush' in Pintupi country in 1943. George began painting in Papunya in 1975 for Papunya Tula Artists at the same time as his brother Willy Tjungarrayi. He paints the Tingari stories for his country. His country covers the sites around Kiwirrkura, Lake Mackay, Wala Wala, Kulkuta, Karku, Ngaluwinyamana, and Kilpinya to the north-west of Kintore across the WA border. George's remarkable paintings are an adaptation of the lines carved into traditional ceremonial shields. His paintings lines and stripes of alternating colours and produce an optical illusion of movement. His works are a strong connection with his ancestral stories with the Tingari ancestors travelling around the country preformatting rituals and creating sacred sites.
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