George Nona
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At the head of a grand tradition Nicolas Rothwell From: The Australian February 05, 2010 What are these?

When Torres Strait Islander artist George Nona makes his dazzling headdresses, he is dealing with much more than mere beauty: he is plunged in the past, he is recapturing half-vanished memory, he is moving through the ancestral traditions of his island world.
His creations - known as Dhoeri in his western Torres Strait language - are pieced together from an elaborate set of natural materials: gleaming pearl shell, cassowary and eagle wing feathers, bone, cane, bamboo, beeswax, pigment. So delicate is the final structure that the headdresses shimmer and tremble even in the still, controlled conditions of a contemporary art space: they seem full of the pulse and movement of the ceremonial dances for which they were first made. Today, though, the Dhoeri are entering a new realm:
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