Dennis Nona

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44 DN549
Dennis Nona Guathath Aw Ulakalal State II edition of 15 2018
Linocut print on 300gsm cotton rag paper
450 x 530mm image, 570 x 760mm paper

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Guathath Aw Ulakalal translates as Dugong herd feeding during tidal calm. The previous edition of this print was printed black with acrylic paint in 2005 and published by AAPN as DN086. In this print (state II) the linoleum block was rolled up in deep blue ink then hand-wiped à la poupée and printed on moistened 300gsm cotton rag paper and printed in one run. Watercolour blue-grey, aqua and purple tints were then applied. Printed by Theo Tremblay, Cairns, August 2018.

The state I print description is: This work refers to the currents that run through the Western Torres Strait and their affect on Dugong feeding patterns. During the night, sea currents change in rhythm with the solar system. From 7pm a strong current draws Dugongs together into a tight herd lead by the Barracutau Garrka (herd leader). At around 1am, when the Milky Way rotates, the current drops allowing Dugongs to swim separate ways and play and eat without constraint. It is difficult for night hunters to locate Dugongs when the current is weak and, as a result, they can feed on reefs without any threat of danger. This is a happy time for Dugongs and in this work they are swimming in different directions exalting in their freedom. Their excitement can be felt in the energetic composition. They are feeding on sea grass (Doam).

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