Dennis Nona

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31 DN533
Dennis Nona Danaka iakami Edition of 15 2017
Linocut with Badu island clay & oil based ink on artists paper
1230 x 740mm paper, 1380 x 890mm frame
$1800 unframed, $2400 framed

Red dot indicates edition sold

DanaKa ieaKami translates to 'Sorcery woman caught in act'. This is a true story based on Badu Island. A sorcery lady was caught in the act while her family was asleep on a traditional island mat. She was dying of an illness, and when her family was asleep, she transformed her neck into a snake and stared at her family until one of her family members got up from sleep in the middle of the night. He said 'Grandma what are you doing?' She got a shock and pulled her snakelike neck back to her body. But it was too fast! When she pulled it back, her head went through her body and she killed herself.

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