First Generation Warmun Artists

5 AM 10372/14
Jack Britten Thenggerenggerrginy - Darragyn Country 2001
Natural ochre & pigments on canvas
70 x 45cm

This place is a long way away, in Landsdowns Station Country, on the other side of Darragyn.

Thenggerenggerrginy is a long range of hills located on Landsdowne Station Country. This place is associated with the Dreamtime Joolama man.

In the Dreamtime the hills were several women of Nyawana and Nangala skin, their husband, was a man of Joolama skin.

No Joolama man may visit this country as the Dreamtime Joolama man is very jealous. Men of Jambin or Jawalyi skin, (who are the women's uncles) may visit, but, if any one of Joolama skin visits, the Dreamtime Joolama man will send a dark cloud, big rain, lightening and big willy willy storm.

Jack was told this story even though it does not belong to his country, because his skin is Joolama.

This painting was painted for the Warmun Art Centre whose certificate accompanies the work. It is marked WAC 1042/01.

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