First Generation Warmun Artists

17 AM 9256/12
Freddie Timms Bow River Suite 2011
Natural ochres on paper, framed paper
38 x 28cm

Freddie was born at Police Hole on Bedford Downs Station in 1946, he grew up on Bow River and Lissadell Stations, then worked as a stockman, fencer and horse breaker on several stations in the East Kimberley. As a young man Freddie participated in traditional ceremony along with Jack Britten, Rover Thomas, Paddy Tjaminji and George Mung Mung. Freddie began painting with Waringarri Aboriginal Arts in the late 1980's and joined Rover, paddy, George and hector who were then already painting with Waringarri. In 1998 Freddie was a founding member or Jirrawun Aboriginal Art Coorporation and today paints with Jurrawun and Red Rock Art. Freddies work is well represented in many major National and International collections. This painting shows country on T Bow River Station where Freddie spent many years working as a stockman and his family still live there today.

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