First Generation Warmun Artists

16 AM 9180/12
Freddie Timms Road to Beefwood Yard 2012
Natural ochre & pigment on canvas
76 x 76cm

In this painting Freddie has chosen to share a memory of a road to Beefwood Yard that he frequented often whilst on his mustering adventures. The yellow and brown sections in the middle represents the flatlands in which they would settle the animals down for the night. Dividing these brown and yellow areas in the middle of the work is a black line, this line is Beefwood creek which is spring fed from the the ranges at the top of the work and feeds the waterhole, represented by the small black area where the creek bulges in the centre. According to Freddie this waterhole is filled all year round. The black line along the bottom left of the work joining up with Beefwood Creek is Corbert Creek. The road to Beefwood Yard crosses both these creeks and ends at Beefwood Yard represented by the small black circle. The black dot near the bottom right is a small hill. The two dots near the top are small hills on the flatlands. The black, yellow and brown areas at the top and bottom of the work represent mountain ranges.

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