First Generation Warmun Artists

10 AM 10377/14
Queenie McKenzie Ord River Horsemen Creek & Neermeroni TheRainmaker 1998
Natural ochre & pigments on linen
120 x 90cm

This work depicts places on Texas Downs Station in the East Kimberley. The line running left to right through the work is the Ord River. The intersecting line running in from the bottom right represents Horseman Creek. In the hill to the left of the work Boab trees are depicted, this place is associated with Neermeroni - 'the Rain maker'. Neermeroni is an important 'power' place for Gija women. In the Artists words "If you cut em that trunk anywhere you will make m rain come up''. There are other boab trees in the area that are important sites for different aspects of women's law. The artist was always very active in traditional law practice and often led women's ceremony. This is one of the few remaining paintings from the late Queenie McKenzie's estate.

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